12 Food NOT To Feed A Hedgehog

There are several unknown factors when it comes to your hedgehog’s diet. We know that they will eat just about whatever is available, but even with that trait; experts have found that there are some foods that should not be eaten by a hedgehog. Let’s go over this list to ensure you know exactly what you should and shouldn’t feed your Hedgy!

1. Avocado:

Avocados are usually a controversial food in the hedgy community. Some people say they are safe; however, more evidence is now showing that they may be more toxic than people think. I always recommend playing it safe. No need to risk your Hedgy’s health.

2. Dried fruits/vegetables:

Although this is often a treat for many small animals, hedgehogs have been known to choke on raisins and other small dried fruits and vegetables. In addition to being a choking hazard, raisins, and grapes can be toxic to some small animals.

3. Raw Eggs:

Although eggs are listed as an acceptable food to incorporate into your hedgehog’s diet, avoid giving your Hedgy raw eggs, as that can lead to salmonella poisoning.

4. Chocolate:

Just like dogs and many other animals, chocolate is toxic for hedgehogs too.

5. Seeds and Nuts:

While it may seem tempting to feed your Hedgy a seed or nut as a treat, Don’t do it. They are not squirrels or rabbits. Like dried fruits and vegetables, seeds, and nuts can become a choking hazard for your hedgehog.

6. Fried Foods:

Hopefully, there is no temptation to feed fried foods to your Hedgehog, but if there is, avoid it! Not only will fried foods make cause your Hedgy to become overweight, but they can also lead to digestion issues and upset stomachs. Save that delicious fried food for yourself!

7. Garlic:

Garlic is another food that is known to be toxic to hedgehogs. Avoid giving your Hedgy any foods that use garlic at all in their ingredients. The safest thing to do is stay away from anything seasoned.

8. Processed Meats:

While there may be meats in your hedgehog’s food that will be processed, avoid using any processed meats such as canned meat, deli meats, and hot dogs. This provides zero nutritional value to your Hedgy’s diet and can lead to digestion issues. The safest choice of meat if anything, would be some cooked, unseasoned chicken.

9. Raw Meat:

This should be an obvious one. Like raw eggs, giving your hedgehog raw meat can increase the likelihood of contracting salmonella poising.

10. Onions:

Onions are a lot like garlic in the sense that they are toxic for hedgehogs. Many foods contain onion or onion powder as an ingredient, so don’t give your pet anything seasoned.

11. Milk/dairy products:

Hedgehogs have been known to be lactose intolerant. Dairy products lead to severe stomach and gastrointestinal issues. To supplement the need for calcium, you can easily purchase it from the pet store in powder form and lightly sprinkle it on your hedgehog’s food every now and then

12. Salty foods:

Salty foods can cause an upset stomach for your hedgehog. Furthermore, it can lead to an electrolyte imbalance if your Hedgy does not have a clean source of water nearby.

Although your hedgehog may not be that picky when it comes to food, it is important that YOU are picky for your Hedgy. Avoid the foods listed above, and your hedgehog will thrive! 

Bonus: Although hedgehogs are insectivores, you should NEVER feed your hedgehog wild or outdoor insects. The main reasons are that you may mistakenly choose an insect that is harmful to your hedgehog (they don’t eat all insects), the insect may contain a parasite that may make your Hedgy sick, or if it’s big enough, it can bite and even hurt the. Best just to avoid that altogether and stick with meal worms or wax worms from the pet store.


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